Collect funds globally

A simple alternative to foreign bank accounts

Get paid with bank details from US, Singapore or Indonesia – and operate as if you have a local bank account.

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A convenient, low-cost way for global customers to pay you

Collect funds in accounts and currencies local to your foreign customers – giving them an easier, cheaper way to pay.

Open foreign accounts for free, without leaving your desk

Get the benefits of a local bank account without the costs or hassle of opening accounts overseas – open accounts online and in seconds.

Receive funds faster, disburse with low fx rates

Local customer payments clear faster and earnings go further with access to fx conversions and disbursements at mid-market rates.

Accept payments from all types of foreign customers

Designed to streamline and simplify how you collect funds from international customers, Wallex virtual accounts enable you to accept local bank transfers from clients, customers or marketplaces as if they were a local payment, using the local clearing system.

Expand business to global marketplaces, platforms or partners that require US, Singapore or Indonesia bank account details to receive payments. Get more control on disbursements, avoid unfavourable exchange rates and choose when you want to convert funds.

Enter new markets and give foreign customers a low-friction, low-cost method to pay by accepting local bank transfers with account details from the US, Singapore or Indonesia.

A quick, easy and economical way for your clients in the US, Singapore or Indonesia to pay you. Simply provide bank account details to your clients and start accepting payments as if they're local bank transfers.

The smart way to manage global payments

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Enter new markets

Create virtual accounts and collect payments locally in USD, SGD and IDR. Access otherwise unavailable marketplace platforms and customer bases.

A better customer experience

Allow customer to pay in their preferred currency and with their local transfer method and eliminate international transaction fees for your clients.

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Fund management made simple

Centralise collections and benefit from clear reconciliation, reporting and the ability to convert funds to your home currency – whenever you choose.

Low cost

With virtual accounts, you gain access to local payment networks that clear funds faster and avoid unnecessary fees – for both you and your customers.


Collect funds securely

Wallex works closely with financial regulators and maintains the highest security standards to protect your data – and your organisation.

Licensed and Compliant

Fully licensed and regulated by the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) and Bank Indonesia (BI).

End-to-end encryption

Communication between Wallex infrastructure and financial institutions are transmitted over encrypted tunnels. This means that all your data, and money, is secure.

Developer API

Ready to innovate?

With developer-friendly infrastructure, your business, at whatever size will have what it needs to seamlessly integrate cross-border capabilities into your existing platforms.

Developer Docs
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